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Our products

We insist on a high level of craft and technological processing of the manufacture. Regardless of the style, material or design, you can rely on us and our more than 30 years of know-how.

 After the initial communication we arrange a personal meeting at which you can explain to us your ideas and familiarize with our company and skills.

 We will process a non-binding and detailed price calculation in various versions and standards based on your needs. After selecting and approving the price offer, we are ready for the manufacture.


Ottoman taburetes for passageways

Ottoman taburetes and other seating ideas for shopping malls, catering events, meeting rooms, wedding halls and other facilities.

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Stylish sofas

There is hardly another material causing so much harmony, warmth and cosiness than wood,  and high-quality upholstery materials to modern design concepts.

Sofas and sectionals

The durability of products with the first-class experience is our priority. That is the reason why we use only materials and complements from renowned brands.

 A wide range of different types of materials, finishes, production processes and technologies are used by us as manufacturers of atypical furniture and interior components. We reach unique and individually customized products.

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